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Which are different Certkiller products?
Mainly we have four different Certkiller products available for Certification Training:

  • Questions and Answers (Q&A)
    Questions and answers are mean to be used as preparation before the exam. The Certkiller Questions and answers come with a pass guarantee. In this material questions and correct answers are covered in the same way as they appear in the actual exam. They are provided to users in Interactive Testing Engine format.
  • Study Guides (Concepts and Labs)
    All the necessary concepts and theory is packed into precise and accurate PDF. Download the study guide and use it to strengthen your conceptual grip on the exam.
  • Preparation Labs
    These preparation labs are available for all vendors including Cisco, CompTIA, Microsoft and VMware. The preparation labs help the students in preparing for actual lab scenarios and how to practice with actual equipment. With the help of this material you will be able to understand various ways of using hardware and software both.
  • Audio Exams
    Take your Audio exams in the form of MP3 files anywhere and everywhere. Now you do not have to waste even a minute of your time, because by using the adding the audio exam to your mp3 player you can study for exam even when you are on the move.

How to get the Questions & Answers?
Certkiller has made the ultimate Question & Answer product in the form of Testing Engine. Download and install it on your computer and start practicing in the preparation environment ever. Built by experts these testing engines provide the ultimate opportunity to test you in the exact same environment as the actual exam. Use the virtual exam mode for testing yourself with a special mock test. In the practice exam mode you will be able to view the answers while taking the test. Other options include adding comments to questions, reviewing your scores and progress, marking questions for review, eliminating questions which are answered correctly and so on.

For how long my product will remain valid?
Your products will be valid for 90 days from the day that you purchase it. After that it will not work anymore and you will be required to renew it through the site.

What format are Study Guides?
They are downloadable PDF files.

Are free online Demo for Online Testing Engine available?
Yes. Our sample page has free Demos available for Testing Engines.

What does Question and Answer material mean?
Questions and their accurate answers are provided in a simulative manner. This way you will be able to practice in the exact replica environment as the actual exam.

Are explanations provided with all Questions and Answers?
No. We aim to provide explanations to all of our exams. But so far they are only available for the certifications which are more in demand.

How can I be sure if a product has explanations or not prior to purchasing it?
The product page or the page from where you will purchase your product will specifically show if the exam has explanations otherwise it will simply say QnA material.

Can an exam be passed with only Question & Answers material by Certkiller?
Although it is quite possible, but for better results we recommend other Certkiller products which include Study Guide, Lab preparation or Audio Exam.

What do Study Guides consist of?
Study Guides are there to make sure you have all the required back ground knowledge for the exam you are preparing for. Study guides provide detailed theoretical knowledge which enables the user to build strong conceptual background for the test.

What is Printed Version and how can I order this?
Printed version / Hardcopy can be ordered for any Exam if you have a valid Software Purchase for the same Exam. It is always best to buy them together but you can order it later too. It will be delivered to you up to 14 business days. And We do not offer free update of Printed Version.

What are minimum system requirements for Certkiller products?
There are four basic requirements:

  • Windows operating system
  • Permissions to install a program in Windows
  • Access to the Internet
  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
Support for Mac and Linux operating systems in on the way, but for now Windows is a requirement.

Can I try a couple of questions before I purchase the exam?
We have provided samples for popular exams on the samples page. Please, e-mail if you need sample of an exam which is not on the samples page.

How can I report if I find error in any of the question or how do I respond to a question I have doubt over?
Simply send an email to and make sure you include Exam Code, Screenshot of questions you doubt and correct answer. We will review your request and respond within 12 hours. Your feedback is always appreciated and welcome.

How can I purchase these products?
Simply choose the product, add it to the cart and proceed to checkout with the payment mode of your choice.

When will i get my products, once the payment is made?
You will get it instantaneously. It does not take more than a couple of minutes for the products to be activated in the user account.

How can I be sure if my payment was successful?
We will inform you through email for confirmation, when your payment is made.

Payment is deducted from my card but I have not received any product?
Sometimes orders need to be reviewed by our billing team. Your account will be activated within 12 hours. If it takes longer than that, please email and include the date of purchase and your e-mail ID used to make payment. Include the payment mode you used to make payment as well. If you have made the payment with card then send the Full Name on Credit Card too.

My card has been rejected by the system. What do I do now?

  • Make sure you fill all fields in the "credit card payment" form
  • Re-check, or re-enter your credit card information
If the problem continues then contact your bank and confirm if you are allowed to use the card for online transaction. You can also contact for further assistance.

Can I pay without using Credit Card?
Yes, you can use other methods for purchasing Certkiller products too. Options such as PayPal, Bank Wire, Western Union, are available. E-mail if you need information regarding any of these methods.

Which credit cards are accepted by Certkiller?
All major credit cards are accepted. The list includes Visa, MasterCard, Delta, Electron and Maestro.

Is the information I am providing, secure with Certkiller?
Yes. As a matter of fact we do not even get to see that information since our payment processor takes care of it. They check the information, verify it and forward the payment to us with an approval or decline.

Are these products free of Viruses?
We take great care in making these products secure and safe for our customers. The security of the site is handled by McAfee antivirus software company and has been declared as a hacker-safe website:
McAfee Secure sites help keep you safe from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams

Is customer information shared with third parties?
Your privacy is important to us. We never share any information with any third party. You will only be contacted by us through email and you can even stop that from your member's area.

Will I get a receipt?
Yes, you will get a receipt in your email. You will also be able to access it through your member's area.

How to download the Product?
The procedure to download your product is as follows:

  • Visit
  • Log in using the Username and Password after locating the member's login area.
  • Latest purchased products will appear in the "Current Products" section. Click on the Exam you want to download.

Where can I find detailed download instructions?
In case you need further help in download the product, simply download the Instruction PDF here. If, that does not help then contact or catch the online Chat Support Staff.

How many machines can I use this software on?
Certkiller has allowed the installation of its products on two computers at maximum. Make sure you do not try to install it on more than two computers.

When can I expect a reply to my e-mail?
We always try our best to provide the quickest and most prompt customer service. That is the reason why most emails are answered within 24 hours and all emails are replied within 48 hours.

My password does not work. Help?
Send an email to and locate your user ID, transaction ID, product and date of purchase in it. They will get back to you with the password ASAP.

How to get updates on Question & Answers?
The Certkiller Questions and Answers software is connected to our server. Whenever there is an update the software will show an update notification upon connection to internet. This way your Questions and Answer will automatically be updated. All you have to do is click ‘yes' on the update notification.

Will updates be free of cost?
Yes, within 90 days from date of purchase the updates are provided totally free of cost. After the product expires the user will be asked to renew the product.

How many times updates are done?
The process of updates is a continuous one. When the certification vendors change the pattern or the content of the exams, we made changes in our material accordingly.

Can I have updated after my product is expired?
You can renew or re-purchase your products from the members area at handsome discounts.

Can I have more than 90 days of free updates?
Questions & Answer can be purchased for 6 months or 1 year expiry through the licensor program at Certkiller. You can contact for details.

How to check if an update is available?
Some of the ways to check update are:

  • Testing Engine show update notification when you start the product. Updates will be downloaded automatically.
  • The section for New Releases on Rapid updates are shown there.
  • Number of Questions can be compared to see if the file on the site has changed/updated or not.
We recommend checking for updates, 3-4 days prior to your exam.

How to update the Study Guide?
Simply go to member's area and download the updated study guide.

After downloading the update it still shows the old version. How to fix this?
It is possible that old version is cached in your computer. Delete the cache and cookies of your browser and then try downloading again. You should delete the files in the local cache from your browser settings.

The number of questions in my exam has decreased after the update. Why?
Certkiller has high standards in accuracy and relevancy of material. So that is why our team makes sure that no useless questions are included in the material. With Certkiller you can be sure that you will always get the most relevant material.

How to take discounts?
You can take discounts in various forms. One of the most convenient way to avail handsome discounts is to purchase value packs.

Does Certkiller offer bundles? And what type?
Certkiller offers many bundle options especially when it comes to Cisco and Comptia. review our bundles for details.

While purchasing for Staff Training, what are my best options?
When you want to make a large purchase then you should contact for better prices for your orders.

Is my product guaranteed, and how?
You can read the guarantee page for details regarding which exams are covered in which guarantee and which are not.

How to claim guarantee?
I you have not succeeded in any exam just e-mail, a scanned copy of your failed result report. You can also recommend a solution to the exam so that we may provide you the corrected version of the exam ASAP.

How can I ask for a refund?
For refund please refund please contact