Certkiller Audio Guides

Certkiller Audio Guides available in MP3 format can be played on literally any media player. Learning can be easy infact painless with Certkiller Audio Guides files. Prepare while commuting to work! Available in the universally used MP3 format, CertKiller audio guides nay be played literally anywhere, helping candidates learn no matter where they are. Be it commuting to work, doing household chores or jogging, make your activity count as learning by listening to our comprehensive and professionally recorded audio guides.

Certkiller Audio Guides
  • MP3 format is played by all modern media players and audio devices;
  • Available in both low and high bandwidth options;
  • Easy-to-understand convenient Study Guide format;
  • Developed to complement and fit in with the Study Guide, Questions & Answers, Labs and other CertKiller materials;
  • Depending on the topics, the audio files are between 25 and 90 minutes long;
  • Smart way to study on the go.

Please note that while the Audio Guides are a great way to supplement your learning with our Questions & Answers and Study Guides, using the Audio Guides alone may not be enough to ensure your certification exam success. We recommend using them in combination with other CertKiller materials.

Audio Guides