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Certification: Dell DCS-IE Networking - Dell Certified Specialist - Implementation Engineer, Data Center Networking

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DCS-IE Networking Certification Info

The Specialist - Implementation Engineer, Data Center Networking Version 1.0 (DCS-IE) certification is the best variant for you, if you’ve already gained the Associate – Networking Version 1.0 (DCA) accreditation and planned to deepen your skills in dealing with Dell EMC Data Center Networking products. This means that certified specialists are proficient in installing, configuring, maintaining, and fixing these Dell products. Along with having the associate-level designation, you have to sit for the DES-5221 certification exam.

The complete name of the Dell DES-5221 test is the Specialist – Implementation Engineer, Data Center Networking evaluation. The exam will check your understanding of the concepts related to Data Center environment and Dell EMC Networking products of the S-Series and Z-Series. In addition, the core area you should be competent in deals with protocols and features based on Dell EMC Networking SmartFabric OS-10. Before taking this exam, you should be skilled in working with such products as Dell EMC Networking S-Series and Z-Series Switches.

Speaking of the exam details, you will be given 60 question which you are to complete within 90 minutes. And to succeed in the test, you need to score 63%.

To achieve the passing score, you need to be knowledgeable of the topics tested in this exam. The evaluation content consists of four sections. The first one refers to the basics of the networks. This implies your ability to define the general data center protocols and topologies, and explain the Dell EMC data center switch portfolio. The knowledge of AAA security, access control lists, basic switch configuration, and DHCP is vital as well.

The second part deals with Layer-2 technologies and protocols. Here, you are required to know everything about Virtual Lans, and be able to define their features, configure VLAN trunking and VLAN Port membership. You also will be asked to demonstrate that you are capable of working with Discovery Protocols, Link Aggregation Groups, and Spanning-tree Protocol. So, your skills in defining use cases for STP, dealing with static and dynamic LAGs and providing operations with them, configuring discovery protocols will be assessed.

Discovery Protocols is the third topic you should be proficient in. That’s why knowing the features of discovery protocols, being able to describe them, and explain uses cases for their usage will be evaluated. Besides, as a potential candidate, you should be capable of carrying out the configuration of discovery protocols, and interpreting LLDP outputs. The subtopics you should be competent in include basic routing, Policy-Based Routing, Border Gateway Protocol, and Open Shortest Path First. The last topic is focused on the data center technologies and protocols. It evaluates your skills in dealing with the Virtual Link Trunking, Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol, and Uplink Failure Detection. In addition, you should be capable to deal with Virtual Routing and Forwarding, Quality of Service, and Multicast.

To ace all these topics and find out your knowledge gaps, the vendor offers to take its free test, before sitting for the actual exam. This is also a good opportunity to check the types of exam questions, and enhance your knowledge of the weak areas as well.

Having this Dell certification, you can earn annually about $79,613 per annum. So, learn the topics tested in the DES-5221 exam, grab this change to become an Implementation Engineer in Data Center Networking domain, and build a flourishing career.