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MTA: Database Fundamentals Certification Info

If you plan to test the waters of IT and become familiar with the basic technical concepts, check the core technical knowledge, and increase your tech credibility by obtaining the MTA: Database Fundamentals certification. Since Microsoft strives to equip candidates with the most relevant skills, it makes changes in the certification program. Thus, regarding this accreditation, you can earn it till June 2022, after that date, it will not be available. The exam that will help you enter the technology field is coded 98-364. It’s a really good springboard for launching a career in IT or just checking if this field suits you or not.

Exam 98-364 is all about database fundamentals. It is designed for students and instructors who deal with technology as well as for non-students who are interested in technology. The exam proves that the candidates are familiar with various databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server, and have knowledge and skills to deal with them. Regarding the exam questions, there will be about 40-60 of them in the test. According to the Certiport website, the 98-364 evaluation includes 51 questions, which you need to complete within 45 minutes. The items comprised will be of different types, but you will know them only at the exam. The test can be registered at the Pearson VUE platform. In addition, you will have to pay the exam fee of $127.

This Microsoft exam falls into five sections, each of which checks the definite skills. Thus, you should be ready to demonstrate your skills in describing core database notions, configuring database objects, manipulating data, understanding data storage, administering a database. Exam-takers should be able to describe how to store data in tables, what relational database concepts are, what data manipulation language is, and what a data definition language is. This implies that they know how the data is stored in columns, rows, and databases, what is needed for relational database management, what is the role of DML in databases, how to utilize T-SQL to create database views and tables. Next, candidates should be skilled in choosing data types, creating tables by utilizing the appropriate ANSI SQL syntax, choosing, filling in, updating, and deleting data. In addition, they should be knowledgeable of what views are and how to create them by implementing a graphical designer or T-SQL. Then the test-takers should demonstrate their competence in using SELECT queries, INSERT statements, writing the updated data by applying UPDATE statements, and deleting data from tables. After that, the subject area seeks to find out how the data is stored. This checks your knowledge of the main levels of normalization, of the composite, primary, and foreign keys, and indexes. And, finally, candidates are expected to be familiar with administering a database. In this part, you should be knowledgeable of the main database security concepts, backup types, and the way to restore a database.

The average annual pay for the MTA: Database Fundamentals jobs is about $82,998 as stated on the Ziprecruiter website. So, it’s a good start to test the waters of IT and earn this designation.