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EMCTA Isilon Solutions Certification Info

The Dell EMC Specialist - Technology Architect, PowerScale Solutions Version 4.0 certification is designed for individuals who create and size an Isilon solution, and assist customers in completing special workflow. The designation is centered on sales and also is intended for architect partners and internals who are knowledgeable of the details of the Isilon solution and particular features of a clustered NAS solution. The accreditation can be gained by passing the E20-555 exam. But, note, that before sitting for this exam, you need to be the owner of the associate-level certification in Information Storage and Management (Version 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, or 5.0).

The E20-555 certification exam is known as the Specialist-Technology Architect, Isilon Solutions and Design exam. Itís a qualifying exam for the DCS-TA track and is focused on implementing design and architectural principles to boost the process of creating a solution to meet customer needs. The exam checks how proficient you are in dealing with Isilon scaled-out storage platform opportunities, role-based administration, data integrity, authentication, identification, caching, and architecture performance. You should also know how to complete the tasks that focus on tiering, Isilon software, data protection, implementation and architectural considerations. Your knowledge of sizing guidelines, requirements gathering, vertical and horizontal markets, sizing considerations will also be checked. So, be ready to be competent in working with such products as OneFS v8.x and Isilon Generation 6 Hardware before taking the actual exam. In the evaluation, you need to complete 60 questions within 2 hours and score 60% of the correct answers.

To provide you with proper preparation, the vendor offers you to utilize free practice tests. They will help you to know the topics tested, questions included, and define the areas you are still weak in. The exam itself contains 5 topics for which you should be ready.

The first topic refers to Isilon Infrastructure. In this domain, you should demonstrate your skills in using Isilon elements, nodes, node compatibilities, and pools. In addition, you should be able to describe such concepts as latency, endurant cache, Isilon networking, Access Zone, and SmartConnect.

The second topic aims to check your skills in dealing with Isilon Management, Identity Management, Advanced Applications. In this section, your skills in utilizing SnapshotIQ, SmartPools, CloudPools, and FilePools will be measured. Then, you should show your proficiency in explaining data requirements that relate to SmartQuotas, Antivirus, SmartLock, and SmartDedupe. Next, the exam-takers are expected to be familiar with client access and permission, along with client protocol access. After that, your ability to work with job engines, ZRBAC and RBAC, data protection, metadata, file striping, and caching will be assessed. Moreover, be ready to meet the questions that refer to explaining such concepts as recovery and replication.

The third topic deals with Solution Design Process. In this part, you should be able to work with information requirements and create an Isilon solution. This implies that you are capable of dealing with software and hardware capacity, file size considerations, data types, I/O characteristics, performance sizing impact, and file server consolidation.

The fourth topic you need to be ready for refers to sizing considerations. This section covers such subject areas as data availability and security and how they should be used and measured on an Isilon cluster. Then, you should possess skills to explain the usage of disk spaces for files of different sizes, describe the impact of I/O patterns on the Isilon cluster. And finally, you should be experienced in describing issues that occur during the configuration of backup and archiving workflows.

The fifth topic is dedicated to workload analysis tools. The core points highlighted here refer to description of the cluster monitoring and the appropriate usage of analysis tools, such as iperf, Wireshark, NFSstat, iostat, and tcpdump.

Having passed the E20-555 and obtained the Dell EMC Specialist - Technology Architect, PowerScale Solutions certification, you can earn on average about $81,289 per annum, as indicated on the Ziprecruiter website.