Eleventh Hour CISSP: What to do?

Certification: ISC CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional

The international Information Systems Security Certification Consortium governs CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) which is an independent certification for information security. The certification is valid worldwide according to the reports of (ISC)2. The CISSP obtained the ANSI ISO/IEC Standard 17024:2003 accreditation in June 2004. Te certification is also approved by Department of Defense of US, for both of Information Assurance Technical (IAT) and Information Technical Managerial (IAM) categories. It is the baseline certification for the US National Security Agency’s ISSEP program.

An organization cannot be protected by technological solutions only; it has to have security professionals. These professionals will provide the organization a high standard of security to their customers, stake holders, employers and protect the organizational information. The Human Resource department in USA says that the security certification by CISSP is the biggest certification which one has. This shows that he/she is qualified and can provide security to the organization competently than other certifications. The US department stating that is correct in its own terms. The certified professionals who have the CISSP certification need to have five year of experience in the IT industry to secure their certification. In any case one needs to get the certification in a short span of time; it will be difficult for him/her to have the certification. The individual should have a plan of action in his mind to achieve the goal.

What to do

The person with a short span of time to clear the exam or he/she forgets to study, forgets the date of the exam he registered for. Definitely he has a point to panic, as the test is not very easy and can’t be prepared in short span of time. But despite being in a panic state he/she should follow the ways to study in a committed way to achieve the goal in limited period of time.

Plan of study

The concerned should devise a schedule and should stick to it. There are 10 security domains that you need to cover. You need to pace up your speed and have some time in your hand to absorb the study material. You have created study marathon for yourself, creating long study sessions due to your ignorance. Smaller regular sessions are better than the hard core sessions, but you have wasted your time so study hard.

Try to complete the exam in four hours

Practice for the final exam assuming you have only four hours. If can complete the exam in four hrs you have come to know the stuff in case you don complete the exam, see where are you lacking. Take notes of the topic you haven’t covered. Try to focus on the important domains covering larger number of questions.

Computer based test (CBT)

The question pattern of the test has changed, not like previous years. Now the test is computer based test, you will com to know whether you passed or failed as soon as the test completes. To answer the questions correctly, read them carefully and then answer. There is thin line between correct answer and the best answer. So choose wisely.

Practice as much as you can

To know which the best answer to the given question is, you have to practice as much question as it is available to you. There is no way; you can learn to decide which the best answer is. You have to learn by practicing questions. Study the question carefully; often the question itself has the answer. There are 250 questions to answer, so keep your mental state at normal to answer the question in one sitting.

Make notes

The studying and learning ways of every person is different, you who have to devise the best suited method for you. You should make notes and flash cards that mark important points and will make you remember the facts easily and retain it longer. Don’t go for the intricate and every minute detail of the topics, the CISSP doesn’t go deeper to question.

Find some study tools

You should look for some good study tools, online material. Find good books based on CISSP exam. Shon Harris’s All in One Study Guide and the practice guide is well written, and in easy language which makes easy to learn and understand. The practice bank is good source of questions according to the exam. Both the books cost around $100.

Find your limitations

Since you have less time to study due to your own mistakes, focus on the areas that you are weak in. the exam is very broad covering 10 different security domains. You don’t have to be master in all the domains but you should have the working knowledge of every domain to answer. So study accordingly.

Be prepared and confident

Giving the paper is a tough task and can be stressful. The key to complete it calmly is to prepare well. If you have done your part you don’t have to get stressed. Answer the questions calmly and without getting nervous. There is no to fear.

Go for the certification

Getting the certification is one of the rewarding experiences, which you will cherish for a long time. The certification will help you reach great heights in your career. The certification will make you a good security professional in the future.

After the successful completion, you will be feeling relieved. But the process of certification is not yet complete. You need a CISSP holder in a good position who will endorse you. The endorsing person will verify your security work, your work experience, and will submit your application on your behalf. Once the process is complete your certification will be official.

So by reading above you might have understood that planning everything at the last moment will only make you panic and tensioned. So plan before, study accordingly, and go for your dreams.

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