How often CISSP exam format gets updated?

Certification: ISC CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional

The international Information Systems Security Certification Consortium governs CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) independent certification for information security. The certification is valid worldwide according to the reports of (ISC)2. The CISSP obtained the ANSI ISO/IEC Standard 17024:2003 accreditation in June 2004. Te certification is also approved by Defense Department of US, for both of Information Assurance Technical (IAT) and Information Technical Managerial (IAM) categories. It is the baseline certification for the US National Security Agency’s ISSEP program.

An organization cannot be protected by technological solutions only; it has to have security professionals. These professionals will provide the organization a high standard of security to their customers, stake holders, employers and protect the organizational information. The Human Resource department in USA says that the security certification by CISSP is the biggest certification which one has. This shows that he/she is qualified and can provide security to the organization competently than other certifications. The US department stating that is correct in its own terms. The certified professionals who have the CISSP certification need to have five year of experience in the IT industry to secure their certification.

The CISSP format

The format gets updated now and then for the better experience of exam takers. Initially the paper was in pen paper format, and then it changed to computer based method. These changes are made to maintain the reputation of the ISC^2. The question pattern of the test has changed, not like previous years. Now the test is computer based test, you will come to know whether you passed or failed as soon as the test completes. To answer the questions correctly, read them carefully and then answer. There is thin line between correct answer and the best answer. So choose wisely.teh computer based test has allowed the students to take the test at the test centers present locally world wide. This method provides students top quality security measures and a comfortable exam environment. Above all the students can take the test near to their home towns, saving the time and money of the students. The last evaluation of the CISSP exam shows enhanced changes in the pattern f questions like inclusion of drag and drop and hotspot questions. These types of questions can measure the student’s skills and knowledge in a better way and providing them better exam environment by the use of pictures in place of words.

Drag and drop pattern

This type of question requires you too drag possible answers from one visual box to another visual representation box. You ay choose one or more choices, whichever is applicable. This is because students can choose asset of possible answers. These types of questions are more confusing and challenging as they require in-depth knowledge of the topic or domain. This type of questions requires lot of practice to master it. So the students taking the exam should keep this in mind while preparing for the exam.

Inclusion of Hotspot questions

In these types of questions students need to select the correct answer from a set of images provided or a figure. Sun images are user friendly, and are able to represent the work experience of the candidate much better than the pen paper based multiple type questions. These inclusions require students to depend on their knowledge to select the correct answer. Since the papers of ISC^2 are changed to the computer based test; enabling the question pattern more visual and virtual, performance based questions and the innovation in the pattern of questions. Besides the change in pattern of exam the, the questions have only one correct answer, so there is no change in the total marks and weightage of a question. The new pattern of question is incorporated without any increase in marks and the total duration of the test.

By the inclusion of the new features ISC^2 ensures that the certification still remains the sought after certification for the information security, being first choice for IT professionals as well as employers.

Benefits of the new question pattern

The new question pattern is effective from 15th January 2014 in the CISSP certification test. These innovations provide several benefits to the students, over the initial multiple choice questions. These benefits of the new question pattern include:

  • Measurement of the knowledge is at higher cognitive level
  • Broad range of student skills are measured
  • Providing real simulation of practice in the concerned field
  • Providing opportunity for broad coverage of the content than multiple choice question that might be possible

Benefits to the candidate

The new pattern allows the students to show their skills and abilities on a broader spectrum. The new test pattern allows the following benefits to the students:

  • The choice in the center location closer to home town
  • Reduction in the money and time spent due to closer test center
  • Top level of security measures
  • Nothing is allowed in the testing room
  • Identification of the students are checked strictly
  • Increase in the visibility of the images on the computer screen
  • Answers are recorded correctly and directly, eliminating the chances of errors in case of pen paper mode.

Scoring pattern of the new question pattern

The new innovative type of answering questions will have the same scoring pattern as it use to be because the questions have one right answer only. All the questions have the same weightage as earlier; there is no change in determining the scores. The total duration of the test remains the same. Such innovations should not hamper the student’s ability to answer the questions and test completion in the given time limit.

So the students should take the change in the positive way, should not fear of doing mistakes, should study well and appear for the exam with full confidence and preparation.

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