How and where to get online resources for MCSE Messaging exam?

Certification: Microsoft MCSE - Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert

MCSE Messaging exam is globally acknowledged standardized test that has been designed for the IT professionals. This test validates the proficiencies of the IT professionals in several sectors, including, guiding their respective companies to the modern cloud technology; to boost up the user productivity & flexibility; to lessen data loss; to advance data security options in the respective organizations; etc. Achieving the MCSE: Messaging certification an IT professional becomes qualified for the position titled ‘network and computer systems administrator’.

In the current exam format, an individual needs to pass five individual tests to acquire the MCSE Messaging certification. The tests are as follows:

  1. Exam no. 70-410

    Exam Title: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012

  2. Exam no. 70-411

    Exam Title: Administering Windows Server 2012

  3. Exam no: 70-412

    Exam Title: Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services

  4. Exam no. 70-341

    Exam Title: Core Solutions of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013

  5. Exam no. 70-342

    Exam Title: Advanced Solutions of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013

To take preparations for the MCSE Messaging exam, the candidates can take help from the diverse resources available online. Among them, the most standard and popular preparation options are as follows:

1.  Instructor-led training

For each individual test, Microsoft offers instructor-led training programs. The duration of these trainings vary according to the title of exam. The candidates can get huge online resources, if they attain these training programs.

2.  Exam prep video

Exam preparation videos are available in the format of Microsoft Certification PREP Talk: Exam 410, Exam 411, Exam 412, Exam 341 and Exam 342. In prep videos various essential Prep tips are offered by the erudite certification experts, who discuss upon the relevancy of the knowledge and skills that are measured through the particular exams. For instance, James Seymour, designated as a Senior Product Planner; Rick Claus, designated as a Senior Technical Evangelist; etc. professionals guide the discussion on the MCSE: Messaging certification exams.

3.  Self-paced training

The candidates who prefer self-paced training, they can choose the course titled as ‘Windows Server 2012: Technical Overview’. This introductory level course has been designed with seven modules. These modules provide comprehensive concepts regarding the latest capabilities, features, options and solutions that have been included into the Windows Server 2012. On the completion of this course, the candidates become prepared to acquire advanced level knowledge regarding the technology issues. In the advanced level a bunch of MVA (Microsoft Virtual Academy) courses are available under different topics. The candidates can select a course according to the topic that s/he wants to learn comprehensively.

4.  Practice tests

To measure the level of preparation, the candidates can take some practice tests. These practice tests are available online. The candidates can attain these tests from any corner of the world. Various websites and companies are offering prep tests for the MCSE: Messaging certification exams. Among them Kaplan SelfTest program offers prep tests for all the five exams under MCSE: Messaging certification exams. The candidates can also try the standard prep tests for the five exams at the offered by MeasureUp company. Besides these, Transcender, offers prep test at

5.  From the community

The candidates can also take assistance from the learning communities that target Microsoft certifications. From the web site the candidates can choose their targeted community. For each particular exam under the MCSE: Messaging certification, the communities are available in the name of wiki and forum. For example, the candidates who are planning to attain the exam 70-410, can take assistance from the communities like, Exam 70-410 wiki and Exam 70-410 forum. In these communities the candidates can post their problems and the other members try to suggest the best solutions of those problems.

6.  Books

Books are the best guidelines. Candidates can download the official guides for the MCSE: Messaging certification exams.

  • Reference guide for the Exam 70-410: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 was published on the October of 2012. These reference guides are comprised of exam objectives, featuring challenging issues, what-if type scenarios, etc. Adding to these, these Exam Ref focus on the critical proficiencies and knowledge required to implement, operate and configure the core services of the Windows Server 2012 in the enterprise-based environments.
  • Another, Training Guide is Administering Windows Server 2012. It was published on the April of 2013. This guide aims to help the enterprise administrators in developing the real-world, job-role-oriented skills. It also focuses on the deployment, configuration, management, and maintenance of the core infrastructure services regarding the Windows Server 2012. It provides the candidates hands-on know-how through a range of lessons, tips, exercises, and practices.
  • Exam Ref 70-412 has been designed for the exam ‘Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services’. It was published on the August of 2013. This guide aims to help the candidates in developing the real-world, job-role-oriented skills. It also focuses on the deployment, configuration, management, and maintenance of the core Windows Server 2012 through critical-thinking as well as decision-making intelligence.

7.  Exam Prep Software or Apps

The candidates can take preparation using the exam preparation software or apps that mimic the real test environments and interface.

  • Transcender

    Transcender is a traditional software dedicated for practice exams. It offers optimized test experience that mimic the actual certification exam. It also provides about hundreds of flash cards to assist the preparation of the candidates.

  • TrainSignal

    It offers video-based exam training products and materials that roughly cover the official training classes of the Microsoft.

  • uCertify

    This software provides bulk of exam practice questions. It also offers chapter-by-chapter exam preparation guide along with comprehensive explanations for each of the question-answer.

  • Pass-Guaranteed

It allows customized test environment. For instance, the test-takers can configure the time limit of the practice exams; randomize the given answer-options for each multiple-choice question.

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