The order of appearing for MCSE SharePoint exam

Certification: Microsoft MCSE - Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert

Short form of Microsoft Certified Solution Expert is MCSE. MCSE SHAREPOINT exam is definitely one of the biggest certification exams you  will have to face if you are willing to be some of extra-ordinary candidate in the field of IT. But still it is not as easy as you think it can be. It is one of the toughest exams due to its order and numbers of exams you have to face.

MCSE Share point is one of the certification that will make you certified to work with highly professionals in your field and it is also a gate pass to enter in the Microsoft. Although in past years this was not on the global table but with the change in time and after slight changes the study of MCSE has been quite in the global plate and everyone can take advantage of it.

You have to give some series of examination before you actually get MCSE certified. And the strong part is that the examination has to be in certain order. You have to get an exam passed before you can actually appear in the other exam.So in other way the each exam is a hurdle between you and the MSCE Share-point certificate. Generally there are Six exams that you have to appear in the MCSE Share-point. Out of those six the first four are the core exams and they are related to networking system. The other one is related to O/s or operating system of client and the last one but not the least is design exam. Only if all these technical exams are passed in an order as certified, you will be liable to get the certificate.

All the exams are listed below along with the order

1)  Exam 70-290:

This is the first exam you will have to appear when you are trying to get the certification. This examination will be inclusive of the managing as well as the maintaining portion.So basically if you are expert on 2Ms (Maintain and manage) of Windows Server 2003 Environment of Microsoft you can easily pass this exam. Deep study as well as practical skills will be quite productive in this exam. After you pass this exam, the next order exam is Exam 70-291.

2)  Exam 70-291:

This is the second exam which you will appear.This is the exam on topic of Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructures. This includes three phases of the Network Infrastructure. The three phases are Implementing, Maintaining and Managing. In the case of Maintaining it is all about maintaining the network ranges and later implementing the necessary changes as made. After this second phase exam is passed only then the third phase is opened for you and the code of third phase exam is Exam 70-293

3)  Exam 70-293:

This is the exam that comes in third order and this can be appeared for after passing those two. In this part of exam one has to deal with both planning as well the maintaining of the 2003 Microsoft Server Of network Infrastructure. This subject needs more of the real work experiences rather than just theory.The more you are proficient in the real work you will be more easily able to grasp the content of the exam. After this exam the next one is the exam code 70-294 which is also a core topic to study.

4)  Exam 70-294:

The fourth exam that one has to appear to claim MCSE Share point Certification exam is this. To pass this exam one has to have a complete proficiency in three different but still important phases of the Active Directory Infrastructure of Windows Server 2003.Those three important phases are Planning, Maintaining as well as Implementing. With these exams you are already 4th step of the MCSE SharePoint certification. The planning as well as maintaining of the Directory is quite of a hard task for the new comer.Experienced one can easily prepare for it.

5)  Exam 70-270:

This is another step of the examination order that one has to appear to get certified. This basically requires your expertise in Microsoft Windows XP Professional. If you are capable of installing as well as configuring the XP you are in strong position for certification.Extra knowledge of Administering for windows will make your grip stronger.

6)  Exam 70-2973:

The design sectors are as important as the entire topics.This exam is based on the designing of the directory as well as the Network Infrastructure.Like all other exams it is also featuring the Server 2003 of Microsoft. After you pass this exam the only exam that remains is the elective exam that is more or less concerned with the design portion. The code of the seventh topic is 70-229.

7)  Elective Exam 70-229 :

This is definitely the last huddle you will have to face if you are giving the MCSE certification exam but still it is quite important exam. This is the topic where you will need to learn about the two important aspect of the database. Those two important aspects are designing as well as implementing.The software that you might have to have complete knowledge of is SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition.

These are the orders that one has to follow to get into the certification level. Any wrong validation of any of the examination or any dis-order appearance of the examinee in the examination will not help him get certified. Every level of examination will have to be appeared beforehand and each passed record should be submitted before claiming for the certification of the Microsoft Certified Solution Sharepoint that certifies your workability in Microsoft as well.

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