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DCA-Networking Certification Info

The Dell DCA-Networking certification is designed to validate your skills in installing, configuring, supporting, and fixing Dell EMC Networking products. This designation is of the associate-level and known as the Associate Networking Version 1.0 accreditation. The certification path includes two steps, the first one is taking the on demand class, and the second implies passing the main exam DEA-5TT1.

The DEA-5TT1 test is also known as the Associate - Networking exam and belongs to the same named track. You should be competent in working with the Dell EMC Networking Switches before opting for this evaluation. The exam contains 60 questions which you are to complete within 90 minutes. You need to achieve 60 points to pass this test.

The content of the Dell DEA-5TT1 exam falls into 10 topics. The first two topics refer to the basics of the networks and Ethernet networking. In these sections you should demonstrate your skills in describing the purpose of network devices, Datacenter and Campus topologies. You also should be able to describe the aim of usage of the OSI model and its basic operations. In addition, you should be familiar with the use cases and concepts of Layer 2, and be capable of explaining Ethernet networking, its standards, and the way to migrate data on the Ethernet network.

The third part refers to creating a switched network and switching fundamentals. This means that you should know the reason for network switching, know the difference between a broadcast and collision domains, how to choose cabling, be familiar with such concepts as VLANS, Link Aggregation, and Spanning-Tree protocol.

The topics of the fourth and fifth parts revolve around Internet Protocol v4 & v6, and Transport layer. You should be able to distinguish public IP from private IP, know what CIDR addressing is, be knowledgeable of IPv4 and IPv6 procedures in the network. Besides, knowing the Transport layers, their functions, and use cases is a must.

The next large topic covered in this exam is all about IP routing technologies & protocols. Here, you will be tested on fundamental routing concepts, a variety of routing protocols and their classifications, your ability to differentiate static routing from dynamic. You also should be familiar with the OSPF, BGP, and RIPv2 routing protocols, and their role in providing the routing process.

The seventh and eighth topics spin around IP & network services, and security, authentication, and ACLs. Your competence in describing the NTP and DHCP services, Network Address Translation, and ACLs will be assessed. Also, you should be able to explain options and procedures for protecting access to the network.

The ninth topic concerns Dell EMC Campus, switch stacking, Datacenter, and Modular Switch portfolio. Here, you should demonstrate your knowledge of the fundamental concepts of stacking and hardware and your ability to explain the switch models.

The last topic you need to be prepared for refers to the Dell EMC Switch Software, management & configuration. You should be knowledgeable of how software is used in configuring and operating Dell EMC switches, and provide the steps to accomplish the primary switch configuration.

Having gained the Dell DCA-Networking certification, your salary can range from $32,629 to $74,000 per annum, as stated on the Ziprecruiter website.