Are the CCNA Routing and Switching certifications exam changing?

Certification: Cisco CCIE Routing and Switching - Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Routing and Switching

CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate.Before 2013 March 26, Cisco was just popular as Cisco but later it was named as CCNA routing and switching.The main influence of the certification which in short form is known as CCENT is more concerned with network and server technology. There has been several changes in the exam procedure.

Some of the New Facts that has been recently introduced from the Press Release are:

1)  The Certification of CCNA Routing and Switching is now popularly known for CCENT certification.

2)  Anyone willing to get CCNA Voice, CCNA Security, CCNA Wireless and CCDA certification should pass and get the CCENT certification.

3)  There were several updates made in the IOSV15 ,IOS Licensing ,IPv6 Support and 1*Security Implementation

4)  Some of the exams were about to be closed while some of them were newly introduced.

5)  Exams like ICND 1 with code 640-822, ICND2 with code 640-816 and CCNA with the exam code 640-802 are going to be closed after this September 30 in the year of 2013.

6)  Cisco press broaden its approaches

Addressing those changes few books were also published as well. The instructor expert Wendell Odom updates this new book for this new exam of CCNA. In his book he has laid down the hints regarding the preparation and also nullifies the faults zone that was in the previous editions. He has located down the weakness as well as laid down new topics that will improve the concepts, its knowledge and also improvise the skills that one used to lack previously. The important books are 100-101 Practice books which is named as Office Cert Guide Premium Edition and the other book which is also important is 200-101 Official Cert Guide Premium Edition practice book as well as e-book.

There has been few changes in the subjects as well. They have decided to introduce the Cisco CCENT/ICND 1 100-101  Office Certificate Guide.Also they were will be addition on the Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching  ICND official Certificate Guide.Further there will be addition in more topics like Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching 200-120 Official Library B& N Exclusive .Also there will be addition to the CCNA Portable Communication Guide.With the Inter connecting Cisco Network Devices and Cisco CCENT 100-101 Practice Pack ,you are going to get a new access to the different part of the CCNA.

Apart from that there are also some other different Simulators of CCNA joining the change. They are CCNA R and S 200-120 Network Simulator, Cisco CCENT 100-101 NETWORK Simulator and few others as well. Similarly Cisco CCNA R and S 100-101 Video Course is another subject that might be added or be coming late this summer. Also CCNA ICND 200-101 is regarded as one of the biggest change in the examination portal. Apart from that even CCNA R and S Cert Guide takes a Simulator Edition which is obviously a new change in the field of the Network and Server IT.

Apart from these even some topics have been added or even removed as per necessity.If you are intending to start studying the CCNA certification it is very important to understand the topics that have been removed and moved. The topic named “Securing Network “ has been moved from the CCNA exam.Similarly ,the topic like Understanding Shared LANs ,Wireless LANs  ,Configuring Serial Encapsulation and many more are there that has been changed. The changed topics are to be addressed well.Furthermore the topic Security Device Manager, Securing Expanded Network and also Solving Network Challenges through the LAN technologies have been permanently removed from the syllables of the examination thus making it quite easier than those of the previous cases. The issues of securing network or the cases of enabling the routing system as well as modeling the protocol have been introduced as the changed part of the topics of the CCNA.

Apart from removing the topics from the CCNA certification there are also few topics that have been included once in a while in the examination.So basically this means that the person who is intending to go through the CCNA certification has to prepare himself with the topics that has been included in the new course. The topics that are included in the new course are a lot in number. Some of them are mentioned in here. The topic “understanding and Configuring of Ethernal channel “has been introduced in the topic lately. Further the “trouble shooting Network Connectivity has been included and they may be both IPv4 or IPv6.There is also this new topic named Configuring Routing IPv6.Further more the topic like Understanding and configuring OSPFv3 as well as multi-area OSPF Implementation of IPv4 have been included in the newest syllables here Other than these,some topics like Cisco Licensing or Cisco devices as well as its management have been introduced in the new topic. Other than that even the SNMP ,Netflow and its clients have been introduced in the CCNA edam which has been recently updated or changed as per the need or the demand of the situation as well as the market of IT in the real field.

Thus there has been some major and major changes that has to be addressed to the people who are intending to participate for the CCNA examination.Definitely you will now not be following the old course as much more of the topics have been removed and new topics have been introduced in the market of the CCNA.Not accepting the new changes of CCNA will definitely setback you and it will be hard for you to get yourself certified with CCNA Routing and Switching career.

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