CCNA Routing and switching exams: Which is easier CCNAX or ICND

Certification: Cisco CCIE Routing and Switching - Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Routing and Switching

With the increment of the CCENT Certification, quite a few pupils and also experts possess considered which usually certification to be enrooted to. Can you pursue the CCENT or even the CCNA? Additionally, what's the variation between your CCENT and also CCNA? This article examines and also contrasts the variations between your CCENT and also CCNA qualification with the goal of dropping mild around the unique issues covered by every certification and also the genuineness of every certification.

Challenges on your way for the CCNA certification

Ahead of the generation of the CCENT Certification, the particular first-entry level Cisco Certification was the particular CCNA. Frequently regarded as the particular gold regular in entry-level marketing qualification, the particular CCNA official certifications covered a vast variety of subject areas. Through the years, these types of subject areas ranged via AppleTalk, IPX/SPX, along with RIPv1. At this point subject areas covered within the CCNA official certifications include things like variable-length and subnet mask, instant security, DHCP, along with troubleshooting. Frequently you might discover challenging the many subject areas covered within the CCNA assessment; for example wouldn't normally just need to have an understanding of the particular subject areas yet have a very good doing the job knowledge of each and every subject matter. At this point while using the new supplement of the CCENT Certification, you've got various alternatives for entry-level marketing qualification.

ICDN and CCNA – Where’s the difference between the two pathways?

From the higher level, the leading difference relating to the 2 assessments is actually interesting depth associated with opportunity. Your CCENT official certification is definitely entry-level official certifications made since the starting place for all entering networking. Your matters protected within the CCENT quiz present enough information to supply one particular the ability to set up, work, in addition to service small side networks. Likewise, the actual matters protected within the CCENT quiz give one particular a good basis throughout networking.

CCNA is considered a great associate-level official certifications in addition to contributes on top of the actual foundational information protected within the CCENT official certifications providing one particular the ability to set up, work, in addition to service medium sized inter networks. Your opportunity in addition to skills required for the actual CCNA official certifications usually are bigger in addition to further than the CCENT in addition to enter advanced beginner matters including advanced active routing protocols, protocols for VPN, in addition to protocol for rapid spanning tree.

Dig a little bit deeper with the topics and the examinations

CCENT (ICDN 1 and 2)

Associated exam with CCENT: The CCENT qualification is made of single exam- 640-822 ICND 1. The encouraged study course to the CCENT examination is Interconnecting Cisco multilevel network products 1. The examination price to the CCENT qualification is $125. The examination duration is one and a half hour and contains around 40 - 50 questions.

The subject areas insured about the ICND1 examination consist of:

  1. Fundamentals of networking and connection with the WAN.
  2. Basic security operations along with wireless concepts.
  3. Switching and routing fundamentals along with TCP/IP models and OSI.
  4. IP addressing and WAN technologies, encapsulation and connections.
  5. Operating and configuring the Cisco router along with IOS switch devices.
  6. Dynamic routing and static routing with the use of RIPv2.
  7. Translation of network addresses along with DHCP and troubleshooting.

The CCNA accreditation can be carried out by sometimes taking one particular blend exam- 640-802 CCNA or perhaps if you take a couple of exams- 640-822 ICND1 and 640-816 ICND2. The advised training for your CCNA accreditation is ICND1 v1.1 and ICND2 v1. 1. The CCNA blend exam includes 45-55 concerns and it has a period control connected with 85 minutes. The purchase price the exam 640-802 CCNA is $250. 00.


If you head out the option connected with taking ICND 1 and ICND 2 assessments to offer the CCNA accreditation, you will need to take 640-816 ICND2 exam along with 640-822 ICND 1 exam stated before. 640-816 ICND2 includes 40 - 50 concerns using a time range of 75 to 90 minutes. Enough time control would depend upon the volume of concerns upon will get. The costs intended for 640-816 ICND 2 is $125.

Topics for the CCNA examination:

  1. VLSM and IPv6 addressing.
  2. Extending the switched networks through VLANs and verifying, troubleshooting and configuring VLANs.
  3. Protocols of layer 2 such as RSTP and VTP and security along with access lists.
  4. Protocols of dynamic routing such as OSPF and EIGRP along with implementing, verifying and troubleshooting NAT.
  5. Establishing frame relay and point – to – point WAN connections.
  6. Basics of VPN protocol and troubleshooting the above mentioned protocols.

CCNA Vs ICDN – which path to go for or why ICDN holds the edge?

These CCENT official certifications can be an entry-level official certifications and it is an excellent official certifications for just one who certainly not aim for a profession inside network however really wants to comprehend basic fundamentals regarding network. This CCENT can also be a terrific way to acquire stepped method of your CCNA official certifications. This CCNA official certifications can be associate official certifications and supplies the broader as well as more deeply understanding of network. This kind of official certifications is wonderful for this outset a profession inside networking.

To conclude, your CCENT and CCNA certification are usually each superb certification for all looking to gain a new deeper idea of networking. The CCENT accreditation provides an entry-level marketing groundwork and as well offers a stepping-stone for the CCNA accreditation. The path consumed is actually up to every individual’s objectives and satisfaction having using assessments. This is a never ending discussion and it all depends on the individual himself which path he choose to go with. The major difference in both the pathways is regarding the number of questions in the exam and time and topic constraints. So plan wisely and good luck!

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